our mission

We're building an elevator for CO2

At Sisyphus we recognise the need to develop scalable pathways to sustainable fuels and chemicals. We also understand the challenges involved in converting electricity and carbon dioxide to useful molecules. This is why we are focussed on revolutionising the reverse water-gas-shift (RWGS) process to convert carbon dioxide to syngas with groundbreaking efficiency.

our technology

A scalable and efficient RWGS process

State-of-the-art approaches to RWGS require high operating temperatures (900-1100°C) to avoid undesired methane formation. To reach these temperatures, processes often rely on fuel combustion, wasting chemical potential and eroding productivity.By combining our unique catalyst technology with an elegant and scalable process we are able to halve current RWGS operating temperatures yielding significant energy savings.Employing our expertise in materials science, catalysis and process engineering, we are developing an efficient RWGS technology.
Integrating into existing industries and future Power-to-Liquid applications we will deliver low-cost sustainable syngas at scale.

OUr partners

We’re proud to already be working with a number of esteemed industrial partners and we are actively seeking collaborations. More information about our partners will be revealed soon.

OUR Team

Our team is composed of dedicated scientists and engineers with experience across heterogeneous catalysis, business development and process engineering. We’re growing and always looking for talented individuals to join us. Stay tuned for updates!

OUr progress

Let us keep you updated

Our journey is just beginning and we are excited to share it with you!If you would like to learn more or get in contact with us directly please send us an email at the link below.

Or, if you would just like to keep up with what is going on we'd love to keep you informed via our email newsletter (we promise to keep it interesting and brief!)

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